Saturday, 11 April 2020

In manga and anime, sometimes a character's "eyes turn into X's," me ga batsu ni naru 目がバツになる. Typically, this means they're dead. Well, not dead dead, just dead in the comical sense. Knocked out. Unconscious.

  • kizetsu
    Faint. (in the sense of becoming unconscious)
    • kasuka
      Faint. (in the sense of not strong, e.g. a faint light, a faint smell.)
    • kizetsu saseru
      To make [someone] faint. (causative sentence.)
  • shisshin
    Losing consciousness.

Asuka Ruu 明日香ルゥ, Fudou Devi 歩堂デヴィ, example of "X eyes," batsu-me バツ目.
Left: Asuka Ruu 明日香ルゥ
Right: Fudou Devi 歩堂デヴィ
Anime: Kiratto Pri☆chan, キラッとプリ☆チャン (Season 2) (Episode 20)
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