Monday, 13 November 2017

Bad news for fans of tokusatsu live-action superhero TV shows and movies: Toei Hero World has closed down.
Born from the collaboration between the Toei film studio and amusement park and game center operator Namco, this hybrid park/museum opened in Chiba Prefecture in 2013.

The amusement park side of the place was mainly geared toward children (some attractions were actually off-limits unless you were really small) but the museum was a must see for Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fans.
Most of the costumes and props on display had been used for the actual productions, adding one more thrill to the visit.
Upon buying the ticket you received an energy power bracelet. Whenever you  touched certain spots, the bracelet activated some of the over 100 characters scattered around the place.
Overall the exhibition space was rather small but it felt much larger thanks to the clever layout, with battle dioramas and full-sized heroes surrounding you from everywhere.
 Last but not least, the shop sold not only the usual exclusive goods (cups, cookies, t-shirts, etc.) but even some Premium Bandai merchandise that was generally sold only online. 

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