Friday, 6 October 2017

According to both Japanese and foreign media, an increasing number of young Japanese people have lost any interest in love and sex.
On the otaku front, though, many kids out there are desperately looking for the love of their life - possibily someone who shares their passion for anime, manga, toys and games.

One of these love-seeking people, Hiro Takeuchi, came up with the simple but ingenious idea of organizing otaku matchmaking parties, or Otapa (short for otaku party) .
Only proven otaku are allowed. In fact participants must take a test to determine their otaku level on the official website. 
Guys have to shell out 8,000 yen (about $71) while ladies get in for only 2,500 yen ($22). 
Before the event, participants fill out a list of their favorite anime and video games, which they show to potential partners to help spark conversation.

The matchmaking parties were originally held only in Osaka twice a month, but more dates and cities have been added recently including Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
Here's Otapa's website (Japanese only)
The organizers being interviewed

Back in February, a rather expensive otaku matchmaking agency, Torakon, opened in Akihabara
The lovely Otapa staff

My Tokyo Geek's Guide is not going to show you how to romantically hook up with a local otaku, but you can make plenty of friends at the events listed in my book. Check it out!

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