Friday, 23 June 2017

The first reviews of my book are coming in! This is from Japan Visitor
The guide will be available from July 11th. 

Tokyo Geek’s Guide
Manga, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Toys, Idols & More- The Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Otaku Culture
By Gianni Simone
ISBN: 9784805313855 ● $16.95 ● Paperback ● July 11, 2017
In mapping out Tokyo's otaku world to the English-speaking geek, Tokyo Geek's Guide handles this vastness and intricacy adeptly. Encyclopedic as Tokyo Geek's Guide may be in scope, it outdoes even the average manga in its punchy looks and quality feel, with at least one, well-shot, photo on every page - typically four or five - all positively blaring in full, high-quality color, printed on sturdy semi-gloss paper.  If you want to see Tokyo through a snazzy set of new glasses, or you're a Japan pop culture geek in Tokyo wondering what you might be missing, this book is a must-have - for your bag, not your shelf.”–David Chigusa, Japan Visitor
See the review here.


This is another review from kickass website Yatta-Tachi:
“Overall, the Tokyo Geek’s Guide is worth the purchase. …this is a solid entry into checking out the geekier aspects of Tokyo, and a strong debut for Simone. As the popularity of Japanese pop culture continues to grow overseas, the Tokyo Geek’s Guide will serve as the ultimate gateway to expand otaku culture into future generations of fans wanting to see the imagination that makes it the force it is today.”–Tony Yao, yatta tachi
See the review here.


I'm also glad that comic artist and Cool Japan Guide's author Abby Denson liked the book. I hope to meet her again the next time she is coming to Japan.

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